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Thank you so much to MAID in HIS likeness for the phenomenal cleaning job at the home we moved out of. I have to children, husband, a mother-in-law with Alzheimer's (living with us) and a full- time job. A lot of weight was lifted off my shoulders by using this awesome company. From the very first contact to the last was an exceptional experience. The house we moved out of was dirty and now it sparkles. Please make sure the cleaning crew that came to my house knows that they were a big blessing to my family and I pray your company has continued success.




K. M. Griffin

“They are the BEST!!!!!!!!! Always on time and go above and beyond what's required!!!!!."  


M. Moore

I had the last appointment of the day. Despite the late hour, this team was thorough and the work was not rushed at all. Everyone was polite and personable. They did not leave until they were satisfied that I was satisfied.

L. Lowe

Thank you, Markeisha, for doing such a fantastic job on my home. You and the girls were so pleasant to be around, and everyone worked non-stop to make my home "sparkle and shine." I will recommend you to anyone who needs fast, reliable, and honest people who care about the quality of their work! God Bless You for making my life easier!

K. C. Regan
A. Eaddy

I would highly recommend MIHL. They leave your house immaculate. It doesn't hurt that everyone is professional and friendly!


I've been a client of Maid in His Likness for 2 years now. I changed from a previous company that I was not happy with and switched to Maid In His likeness and it was the best decision I've ever made. I am so happy with their quality of work, professionalism, efficiency, and flexibility. The owner (Markisha) not only observes what is going on but also dives in and cleans herself and makes sure that I'm happy with the work that's being done. She really cares about you and your home and if your not satisfied, she will send back her crew to rectify any concerns immediately. I couldn't ask for more! If ever you are in doubt or question whether or not this is the way to go as far as the cleaning company if your choice, I would seriously recommend that you use her. I am very type A person and have a little bit of OCD LOL, and absolutely love this company and owner!!! I call her crew My Angels!

Worth EVERY PENNY...and as a bonus, her rates are very, very reasonable and I always say to myself she should charge more because they're that great!!!! ❤❤

D. McElwee
J. Donahue

Not so bad. A little steep, but well worth the money spent!


This is the best that my house has looked and smelled yet.  All the beds were made, the surfaces were wiped and the floor was polished. I could tell they picked things up and wiped under them and not just around them.  There was a fresh clean scent as soon as I walked in the back door.  You told me I would be pleased and I am.                                                                                                       J. Floyd

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