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We handle small commercial accounts, such as law offices, insurance offices, etc.  We provide “gang cleaning”, where a group of maids are assigned to your office, to clean anytime before, during, or after normal business hours. Understanding that all offices aren’t created equal, we offer noncontractual commitments to suit your office’s needs! Below you will find a partial checklist of what is offered. We can make adjustments wherever necessary.

 Polish desks; dust file cabinets, table tops, and counters
 Wipe down chairs and light/lamp fixtures
 Keep baseboards/outlet covers/switch covers/vent doors free of dirt
 Vacuum carpet; dust mop/wet mop tiled flooring
 Dust window treatments
 Rid door handles of fingerprints
 Empty wastebaskets; place trash in garbage cans/dumpster
 Clean telephone handsets
 Rid PC, monitor, and keyboard of all dust and fingerprints
 Clean bathrooms and re-stock inventory (from client’s inventory closet)
 Clean breakroom/kitchen, to include exterior of appliances, counters, cabinet doors
 Dust all surfaces, to include pictures and other wall hangings
 Wipe down chairs; vacuum upholstery
 Clean light/lamp fixtures; dust ceiling and wall fixtures
 Clean exteriors of kitchen appliances; clean cabinet doors

Commercial Brochure v120

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