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Wanna send mom a gift but live out of town?

Wanna make your wife love you even more? lol

Send an eGift Certificate


To Purchase:

1. Use our Contact link above to send an email

2. In the message area, comment that you're interested in an eGift Certificate for our Deep Clean Promotion

3. Also give information as requested in the form (#bedrooms/#bathrooms, cleaning intensity, #pets)

4. We'll send you an online credit authorization form to complete

5. Upon receipt of your form and payment, we'll email you an eGift Certificate with name and address of giftee

6. Your giftee can call and book a cleaning











Because of the nature of surprise, we only perform Deep Cleans on eGift Certificate recipients

Please be mindful of cleaning intensity when paying for Deep Clean, as Extreme Cleanings will require additional charges


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