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North Carolina Residents ONLY

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What's Included in the Deep Clean:

  • Baseboards, moldings, fixtures, ceiling fans, vent doors, outlet covers, and light switch covers washed

  • Bed linen stripped and changed

  • Lamp shades, extension cords, table and chair legs, door knobs, door creases, doorways, door kick plates, and picture frames cleaned

  • Furniture dusted polished, bed linen changed, upholstery vacuumed, pillows fluffed

  • Commodes, sinks, tubs, shower stalls, mirrors, vanities, light fixtures, towel racks, tissue dispensers, and curtain rods cleaned

  • Interior and exterior of refrigerator, microwave, and oven cleaned

  • Table(s) and counters cleaned. If dishes are present, they are placed in dish washer and powered on

  • Cabinet doors cleaned; walls and corners rid of cobwebs

  • Interior windows washed; window sills and window blinds dusted

  • Floors mopped/vacuumed; stairwells (if present) wiped down/vacuumed

  • Trash removed

Be sure to rate your cleaning intensity,

using our 1-5 scale:


1: a little dusty  

2: somewhat dirty  

3: moderately soiled  

4: pretty awful

5: extremely filthy


Please be forthright about the condition of your home. If unsure about the intensity scale, please request a walkthrough, or call to discuss. Homes with cleaning intensities that are more intense than what was told, will be charged a higher rate, upon arrival.

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